Why Factor?

Youíve done your part, purchased your raw materials or inventory, produced and shipped your product or performed your services and have invoiced the customer. You know the customer is creditworthy, so youíre not worried about if youíre going to get paid. The problem is you donít know when youíre going to get paid. You donít need additional money; you just need the money youíve earned!

By factoring, many companies can tap into a source of capital, which most businesses donít even know exists, and without creating debt or diluting ownership. The cash generated can be used for a variety of things including the purchase of raw materials or inventory, hiring additional employees, increasing marketing efforts, paying taxes or whatever your needs are.

Imagine, not having to worry about the available cash each day and not spending half of your work day or more trying to collect enough money to meet payroll or this weekís payables. Factoring gives you the freedom to spend your time doing the things you want to do, like running and growing your business.

Why Factor With Prime?

We look at each relationship as a partnership that goes well beyond financing. We make all of the credit decisions ourselves in house, and we are the money source.

Prime does not charge monthly administrative or termination fees, we do not require minimum annual guarantees, and we do not require that you factor all of your invoices. Instead, you tell us which customers you want to factor and the dollar amount you expect to factor monthly. We will perform a credit check on that customer, and let you know immediately whether or not that company is approved for factoring. Since you know in advance what your rates are, you are in control of your factoring costs.

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