Commission Plan

Prime pays commissions to brokers who refer business. Typically, Prime pays 15% of the amount earned on the account to the broker for the life of the account. Commissions are paid at the end of the month in which the invoice or schedule is closed.


Prime also offers brokers the ability to participate in up to 50% of each account. The broker can put up to 50% of the advance amount into each account, and shares in that account equal to their percentage invested. The broker receives the same rate as Prime (commensurate with the participation percentage), and is not charged with processing or additional fees. The broker also shares proportionately in any loss that may occur.

Several brokers have used participation with Prime in order to start their own factoring companies. Others participate so they can continue to perform marketing and sales efforts, while leaving Prime to handle the day to day administrative functions of factoring

Direct Mail

Prime gives brokers the ability to leverage their marketing efforts by assisting with direct mail. Brokers provide Prime with direct mail lists (Prime can obtain these lists for the broker for a fee), letterhead and envelopes and Prime will assemble, seal, meter and mail the pieces.

The broker will be charged for the postage used, but not the services of Prime. All we require is that all leads generated by the mailing are offered to Prime first, and not presented to any other company until Prime notifies the broker that it declines to make an offer to that prospect.

By working with Prime, brokers have greater leverage, which gives them the ability to reach a larger number of prospects and earn a significantly higher return than in typical factor/broker relationships.

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